Can You Please Not Help

by Two Inch Astronaut

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released June 2, 2017

All songs by Two Inch Astronaut

Sam Rosenberg - guitar, vox
Matt Gatwood - drums, cello, keys, vox
Andy chervenak - bass, vox

Engineered by J Robbins and Matt Redenbo, Mixed by J Robbins
Mastered by Dan Coutant
Artwork by Laura Brady


all rights reserved



Two Inch Astronaut Silver Spring, Maryland


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Track Name: can you please not help
the consolation of a bad thing
that makes you feel just like your old self
you know i think you oughta write this down
'cause it could come in handy when you get too high
and mountain sick
told my bad friend you can go to hell
told my good friend can you please not help
in competition with the bad guys just to see
who can get away with feeling worse off
for the guilt that's
so full of worms that i can't even roll over
put an ear up and i'll let you listen to them whine
about their food
told my bad friend you can go to hell
told my good friend can you please not help
however i may beg no matter how i plead
don't open then door just look in the screen
cuz everybody loves an annexed halloween
with blood that don't splash on your clothes
Track Name: play to no one
how would you like me to spin this to you
i'm trying hard to fix my attitude or couldn't you tell
couldn't you tell at all
the weight of the heart on the transplant list is lessened when you say
you can't stand this and it don't work on its own
but we can see how it ticks for you
because we play to no one while you hit the big one
i'm underneath the dance floor where y'all electric slide
all night
thank you for watching us masturbate eight bucks for a shirt and some masking tape to tie one right on
but you're not sticking this all on me
just chained to the bed to go kick and spit in time
and if you're so smart let's see you lose your mind when they
rip the smile out of your face
now do you think we'll sell out the place? fuck that
we play to no one while you hit the big one
i'm underneath the dance floor just trying to stay alive
when i am a star, you can believe i'll remember this day
the way that you got them lookin at me batting their eyes
and gnashing their teeth
and clapping on 1 and 3 like no contemporary could ever compare
to all of my hot new looks that don't count when i'm so shook
alright, guess that's a way to play it smart
that'll get you halfway to where you are
Track Name: lure coursing
nothing is easy when you do it right and that's an awful big to do
left foot in and your right foot out oh but you still got yoked for your favorite shoes
they play to your weak side
there are some things that can be taught so if you gotta kill something
and you're frightened of real life, then you can always try lure coursing
they'll play to your weak side
and cop to your weak crimes
it's gonna be three lifetimes, so strap yourself in, lifetimes of disappointment
reverse vampires with backwards hats take piss out of the blood that drags you on
to ease the strain just cut the bad part out and throw the dogs your most sickly bone
let 'em feed on your weak side
and lean on your windpipe
Track Name: snitch jacket
so you pick three lucky numbers
make 'em stick until you're old enough
to read the scratch off sitting on the nightstand on your own
let's hear it for your third attempt at
trying to hack it in the real world
the snitch jacket is hanging outside like 'what, you can't say hi?'
crowing benign but dying on a deadline
'cause every time you say this is the last time that i'll ever have to
fake it for your benefit
you've got some problem with the way the situation was resolved
well you can leave a comment
three cheers six ways to sunday
for trying to hack it in the real world
get out of my car and out of my life i'm out of mom's pills and out of my mind so why am i crowing benign and dying on a deadline
'cause every time i say this is the last time that you'll ever have to hear from anyone outside your own bed
and if you're searching for the thing the symptom fits
just look up overhead
it's there
get down
Track Name: not your birthday
been waiting a while with your mom and dad
got 'em down to three fits a minute
well how about that
they're still copping your style
i know i see you made
but they're just jacking it out of admiration
you gotta know that
bought all the days gone bad, money just works like that
ratchet up the asking price, isn't that very nice? or at least no longer very affordable
been running a mile with your mom and dad
they say the couple that works out together..
well, you know the old adage
and we know it's not your birthday
but we party like it is
and even if it's not your birthday
we don't give a shit
bought all the days gone bad, money just works like that
falls as it cuts the air
lands on my naked skin
and all the work i put in
you know it's gonna pay off now, pay off big time
that's kind of a tough one don't you think, considering all you've had to drink you're scratching the keys around the edge of your own ambition to go home
Track Name: name out of mouth
told you one too many times
keep my name out of your fucking mouth today
jaw slack, unpack, your shit, you gotta let it out
just keep my name out of it
thought they told you what would happen
if this behavior were to continue
mother taught me to be good
and daddy showed me how to swing a baseball bat
so don't let those words pass on between your lips again
just keep my name out of it
even when the light is out
i worry that you can still see me
Track Name: i'll leave you alone
i'll leave you alone if you say go
but if you want me here
i'll tend to all the turtles
and let them eat me slow till you come back
as soon as they get to my kidneys call them off
think they've had enough for now
they can wait a minute for the rest of all our locked up limbs
i'm a trophy wife to a slow goodbye that doesn't conclude
when you wrap me tight till i'm calcified then i couldn't move
if i wanted to
i'll leave you alone though i'd like to be devoured next to you
we'd shrink with every bite
and as the turtles fill themselves we're set
i'm tired of living guilty and picking at the lack alone in a loop
and you're tired too
i thought maybe you could sleep in a bit
for once in your life, fool

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