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by Two Inch Astronaut

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Kristinn Kristinsson
Kristinn Kristinsson thumbnail
Kristinn Kristinsson The wonderful shape of things! This attacks my senses in all the good ways: Catchy melody - Check! Surprising still - Check! No simple straightforward 4 beat - Check! A music that growls and weeps - Check! Ahhh.... this is so guuuuuud! Favorite track: Foulbrood.
Jeffrey C. Jacobs
Jeffrey C. Jacobs thumbnail
Jeffrey C. Jacobs I love the naughty chords which follow the chorus in this one. So I made it My Jam on This Is My Jam. At this time it's my favourite of the tracks. Favorite track: Part of Your Scene.
M.A. Freund
M.A. Freund thumbnail
M.A. Freund This is the most important new band ever to me. Proof that amazing music will never stop being made as long as it's allowed to mutate into something new. Here, 90's Dischord posthardcore & punk meets loping Midwest indie rock and modern shoegaze with an IDM production sound. They resolve their chord changes like jazz, cop soaring melodies with cryptic lyrics from the best classic emo bands, and plays notes on the guitar I swear I've never heard before. The songwriting couldn't be better, the performances are unbelievably tight, the sheer creativity of this band should make them the most watched act of the last decade. My friends & I still can't believe this music is really out there, on wax, audible outside the minds of people whose generative compositional imaginings outstrip their chops to make those ideas reality. Starting with Bad Brothers & continuing with their cover of goddamn Taylor Swift's "Fifteen", this band has yet to hit a bum note that isn't absolutely enthralling.
I look forward to anything they do in the future, I will gobble it right up & show it off to everyone like wallet pics of my favorite child. Favorite track: Whole Crew.
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Foulbrood 03:25
saw them taking down the license, with firecracker casings all strewn about the street behind it, just tire streaks when they made the call i got a bad idea i'm trying to ignore but with every comb that comes along there's a sting for every pore foulbrood drank 'em up, bad mood, maybe vertigo is the fear that you're going to jump and it might not be so bad lost the second he stepped outside to commit suicide by cop cat calling the coroner to ask him if he would pick him up
i don't wanna be reading about you in the paper we saw your tox screen i just wanna be in and around you now won't you let me be a part of your scene yet how'd i do, well how ya think? if you fucked it up you forgot to believe if you're a snitch and you're a fink and you look the part then you can join our team i don't wanna be reading about your bad touch your nip tuck or the time you tried to make love i just wanna feel you shiver out all your problems, cuz life's a twitch then you die is this normal? i don't know, what do you think consequences being sold by someone you don't know so they can carry you to the bank
Type Four 02:04
drop down to my knees and ask you if you'd help me achieve this thing then i'd be okay for several days but give it a week and i'm aching got a number of new solicitations i would like to hang on you cuz i get spells it's type four, pretty rare, you probably have never even heard of it what the fuck is wrong with you, leave it on, better not catch you lying down what do you do when you can't count to two and there are two types of people in this world, ones who can and ones who can't i know it's good for something, i know it's good for me but i don't care, i don't care, i don't care
speed of spit a little slower that's the spot below the fulcrum where the wrist will prop me up pounds of rocks inside the pockets silverware stuck in the sockets, light me up and make a firework cigarettes, boys, and movies no longer mean nothin to me tell me when we got so old cuts both ways across, so sell it back at cost and wonder your mother would she cry if she knew what you gave up shuck and jive right in the face of everyone who's got a case of something that could hurt you too disrepair and demolition start at home inside the crawlspace where they learned to be that way now i can feel the life slip out of me with repetition cigarettes, boys, and movies no longer mean nothin to me tell me when we got so old
Dead white boy, swings from the heaviest limb now He’s all gone, whiter than ever before now What a shame, we should have done something different told me to tell you to read what he wrote and told me to tell you to relay a vote, did you like it? is it publishable? exit the carnival coughing for air, look deep inside of the nothing is there and how would they know how it feels to be you without it? dead white boy, he was in one of my classes long ago, went upside his head with a back brace tell me did you even like him that much? now they’re coming to get you but nobody cares, death is an entrance and you’re not prepared when you have what I want you’ll be the first to find out last Halloween he carved with symmetry two eyes, a nose, a ripped mouth all his own that said “I want you to be able to look at me for once” best part of knowing it all is you already know what you want best part of having a jaw is you can still talk when its gone best part of packing it in is you already got it how you lived dead white boy, are you afraid of hell? It’s no place for someone with your complexion dead right boy, you were dead to me all along, dead white boy, dead to me all night long
No Feelings 03:27
don’t get too close, you never have to to tell its dead, and decomposing don’t slow your roll, cuz you’re not so indisposed by the bulkhead you’ve got a tendency to move slow I’m tellin everybody I know no feelings im fucked up and cold there’s nothing to see anyway I’m late for what is gonna happen don’t tie me up with stupefaction you’ve got a heart, a really big one I’ve got one too, it never helped me cuz if you saw it once before don’t need to see it anymore you’ve got to stop to watch it cuz if I heard it once before, you don’t need to say it anymore, I got this tendency but I’m so sick of just waiting around and I’m so sick of just living it down
so you say you’ve been abducted more times than you can count you take the hand sanitizer and squeeze it in your mouth just to tide you over bend you backwards secondary to the punch line, what a fucking joke happiness is leaping off of the porch, going all kinds of broke until it has fallen over you can drive if you want, you know we never make it quite that far along but I kept cool cuz I’ve been sleeping in the black fridge area to crack the case and fill it up with limn and slime now just to tide me over so when you find that special somebody and you’re ready to say goodbye to their good side you better hope and pray that you mean it
Whole Crew 02:55
punishment is not enough for you I love it when you love to bring your whole crew they’re lookin good all tucked inside the loving grasp of all of their waistlines so grab a throat, act like you know, cause it won’t hurt if he don’t grow older didn’t wanna hurt him but what with everyone watching kick until you feel the lungs collapse and hear the coughing we aren’t so different you and I but that distinction might keep us sane cold crew now I told you once to tell the pack told you what to say and then you took it right back whole crew is graves in the yard whole crew is graves crouched behind the car whole crew is graves piled inside your old school might be a coward but I’m hip to it might be a coward but I’m not afraid to quit
1, 2, Talk 04:21
the shortest hope pulls at all the hems of my dresses now and pleads in the highest pitched squeals that you ever heard would you please let me under would it be so hard now? But I got my zip code revoked so there was less reason to hope that I could ever find a home or least a place that we could talk increase the drip to overdose and later on it’ll hurt the most cuz either way you’ll be allllloooooooonnnnnneeeezzzzzzz is there a place that we could talk?
you don’t feel like feelin good you don’t even wanna try you don’t even wanna think to try and so you don’t things they never quite go wrong in the way that you expect them to cuz they got a lot of practice gettin one over on you black moon nightstick, slaps on both your wrists good times and flatlines black moon nightstick, beat-down scrupulous good times and more and whats gonna happen now I don’t think you’re gonna like but I can’t be held responsible for your lives take something pure and innocent and dip it in the sap and supplements I guess we’ll never get to watch em grow up burning off your daydreams, suck them through a can burning off your daydreams, the best that you know how if you like it all you need is love if you lie the truth will set you off


Recorded in a few days sometime in June 2014 by Michael Siegel at Warrior Camp Studios. Mixed by Michael Siegel with the occasional suggestion from Two Inch Astronaut, mastered by Carl Saff.


released November 25, 2014

All sounds on this album by Matt and Sam. All songs written by Matt, Sam, and Daniel. Album Art by Ari Klein. One lyric in track 3 stolen directly from Tim Shaw. Released by Exploding in Sound Records (www.explodinginsoundrecords.com). Thank you.


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Two Inch Astronaut Silver Spring, Maryland



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