Personal Life

by Two Inch Astronaut

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released February 5, 2016

Recorded and mixed by J. Robbins at the Magpie Cage in August of 2015. Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Studios.

Sam Rosenberg- Guitar, Vox
Matt Gatwood- Drums, Cello, Vox
Andy Chervenak- Bass, Vox

Artwork by Daniel Pouridas and Two Inch Astronaut


all rights reserved



Two Inch Astronaut Silver Spring, Maryland


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Track Name: Good Behavior
I'm in love, like alcohol and the morning withdrawal
if you spit high enough then I could catch it right in my mouth
i'll be playing underwater once it's time to come up
i've got a poor sense of direction and it's fucking me up, we did good
but it weren't good enough
hey, good behavior cannot help me now, I wanna play, I'll see you later
you can tell me about all the good times
consequences wait like a knife taped flat against the skin
so let's all give it up for all our crimes one time
cuz hey, good behavior cannot help us now, we're on the ground, might as well stay there you can tell me about how now ain't no saint, no lord or savior could ever stop you now, we're on the ground might as well stay there they can tell us about the view before they step
hey, good behavior cannot help me now, i'm on the ground might as well stay there
now you can tell me again how bad you want your life back
Track Name: Sexual Prince of the Universe
he’s the sexual prince of the universe
god’s gift to lust god’s gift to love
if you don’t mind he feels a contraction needs a body just to fault for his actions
but now he tries to get a job and that shit don’t work
god needs you, get busy all the time in a big way
he’s so fine
met a boy who I think I like
gotta give him something to do or there’s a good chance that he could hurt somebody so I’m
playin for the wrong team fuckin up his wet dreams don’t get on his bad side
action, what he's after
Track Name: At Risk Student
at risk student has got me, priced and numbered no joke
all ranked and filed despite, the lesson plan ya wrote and stayin after school to try to pull the yoke

so you’re a fool, we got the results. now off you go to make the most of it

at risk student is a term one that is used to describe, an adolescent, who is less than likely just to succeed
how do you think it feels to mean less than nothing
Track Name: Submission
don’t forgive myself, cuz I need you to
only feel absolved locked inside that room
where you have me however you want
and I’m in no position to argue much
dignity is not important to me
well goddamn, would you just hit me
get it over with, leave red rakes across the backside
I’ll say thank you for that, always
I submit myself, I submit to you
anything you want and all that may include
tie me up to the space heater, make me bite the curb
then send me down to the corner to buy your fucking groceries
the safe word is: camouflage
plastic over me
Track Name: A Happy Song
there are things I loved, I’ll never do again
the star witness is called just to point me out and put me in
treated you like a dog, then scratched behind your ears
on the best of the days I’d whisper doubt into them
someday you will be happier than they ever could
cracked my head and then slept right on the stoop
but somebody was home and I can’t believe it’s you
there are things you hate you’ll do for the rest of your life
and you better be grateful for the opportunity
cuz you might as well, cuz I don’t know what else
could be better than being able to say to yourself
"someday you'll be happier than they ever could"
Track Name: Personal Life
so when i die will i become a fucking powerpoint, full of nutrition facts?
i've not yet formed my opinion on this thing, so where's the fun in that life?
personalized personal life, feels so right
what you won't do is a simple life
heard a rumor, substantiation, i guess you gotta lie till they let you off
in my fist on the way to the liquor store i felt my 20s crumbling
and if it's not the end of the whole world, then it's the end of something
that's gonna whitewash every day, i guess all that i can say is, "it's personal"
my life, it's personal
Track Name: Topper Shutt
scan the letter for all of the question marks, every move either a reflex or none of the above
take a ride with me, see what I’ve done
cuz every accident I’ve been in has always been my fault, no reuptake inhibitors to keep my fist from the wall, take a ride with me, and see what I’ve done
sit beside me, light a candle, while I think of a good example
see there’s this place only I know how to get there
got caught up and cops surround me, I can tell that they want it a certain way
where we would convene at age sixteen, criminals are sucked back to the scene
wonder why
it’s simple don’t you think
see all I want is to be good and to get credit for my sins
so sit beside me, and light a candle, while I think of, a good example
got caught up and cops surround me I don’t want their arms around me
hopped fence and lost them least for now wonder how
it’s simple don’t you think
Track Name: Andy's Progress Report
found a good habit, forming denial
see you on tuesday, indiscreet and unannounced
bleat like a sheep in an unfamiliar house
done learning my lesson
won't accept if it's yours, i won't
i saw the catalogue and it's giving me the creeps
but what harm could anybody do to me?
Track Name: Good Companion
twice a day with meals
I can see the intervals stipulated on the bottle
that don’t work no more for you

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