Bad Brother

by Two Inch Astronaut

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Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Michael Siegel at Smile Dent Studios in January of 2013. Artwork by Hideyuki Katsumata. Drums and Keyboards were played by Matt Gatwood, Guitar and Vocals by Sam Rosenberg, Bass by Daniel Pouridas. ( for questions of all kinds


released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Two Inch Astronaut Silver Spring, Maryland

Friends who have played music together for a while.

"The two inch astronaut is crying now but in three days time he will be laughing because that's how long it takes for his space helmet to filter out sadness and when enough of it collects and ossifies it tumbles out like bone marble, which stacks up his spine and grows him. In time, he will be the exact height of his loneliness." -Maggie Nye ... more


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Track Name: swol

mouth full of teeth already loosened up by plague and junior high
bully for you seedless all the way through his arms and blood warm snout
after the party he went home and killed everyone on the couch just for being home
bully for you chased them all the way through his charming heated house
lucky guess with forceps
boy you’ve got it what they like to call it: a swollen asymmetry
no love for this fucking prescription you scrawled on me
grow up growing out at the angles you wished on me
help me if you wanna help me you should keep me healthy till its dark
thanks for your support
and you bleed it through, every day you do
once you’ve said it straight there’s no accolade
Track Name: spank jail
yesterday she tried to kill herself, and today she’s a little bit under the weather
now do you have any idea just how bad you were being?
hold me down, five years after the fact
coppin’ out, want no part of that, locked
she’ll be a cop when she gets old enough she’s gonna be
shoot me a cop shoot me a cop when she gets salty she’s gonna be
you’ve been so bad gonna take you to spank jail
how do bad things happen to good people
if there aren’t any
you brought this on yourself
Track Name: begin probe
caught our first fish just to watch it wriggle
guts and gills and dollar bills to catch all of the useless parts
fifth high school reunion we had a chance to catch up
glad to see you’re doin well still can’t wash off that smell
begin probe, where’s it go? You should know
up the rear, you’re on a roll, and it feels so good
just dropped by to see if your resolve is as weak as mine
no surprise, first class got the ticket away from me
we get better but you know it’s a trick
no contestant when you don’t give a shit about it
I’ll make it one more minute if it’s the last thing I do
who said there would be no harm in saying that to you
Track Name: blood from a loyal hound
prostrated on the grave and hope approval lies beneath
sucking on all the days we always tried to keep
knotted like tentacles that stick and take the souvenir of texture
sip on blood from a loyal hound but I’ll never make you dry
one time I had someone who knew exactly what I wanted to be
fell down and hit my head on an inch of foam and bled right out
Track Name: little short guy
we were raised to hold your hair back
no one said to leave the roots in
bullshit, I can entertain myself
play with all of my new crayons
write it on the grave, “thanks for being very very short”
Track Name: check the yard
check the yard for spots I missed they’re clumping off and odorless
you find examples all the time catch me at the scene of the crime
and toe the line
coddled, fuck off
dying for my neighborhood I’m grooving on your neighborhood
we plumb the depths of four square miles for something we don’t know yet
hows it feel to know that? Hows it feel with success? Don’t answer that
chuck the card that bore the number, tear it up now torn asunder
turn away and turn and ask the audience are you having fun?
don’t answer that
Track Name: zones
its not what you think, only what it looks like
too terse when i drink, you like those longwinded types
puffing out their chests, talking circles round our eyes
mapping out their bodies in erogenous zones
bloody hands in pockets c'mon everyone knows
don't be too hard on your parents they really tried
don't curse while you eat, it is unbecoming
i said trick or treat and you left me with something else
Track Name: sternum
when you carried me over the threshold to the room where we got tired and bold
you held my hand up to your sternum
never learned how to talk to someone new, but I guess that is an acquired truth
so I’ll meet you down around the bakesale
let’s hear it for the things we did. Did you forget about it
cold cocked and shaking like a fist till we grow around it
stupid bus to a stupid place
all the miles between these nervous guts
that won’t cover the cost of my misconduct
better watch out cause I’m on fire
Track Name: he was our boy
dental tools across the floor lie inert and flecked with blood
I see, and you’re humming while you wait
they call you up and mispronounce your name
so it’s all the sweeter
he was our boy, now he’s a dentist, our little champion
now spit, go wash your face
your next appointment is in four months’ time
he was our boy now he’s a dentist our little champion
our big mistake
what did we ever do? Raised him right paid him attention
how many times can he stop? How many days how many months?